Therapy via Instant Messenger

Therapy via Instant messenger (Instant Relay Chat)

These types of instant text communications are being used more and more for communicating in our own lives and therapeutically. In some ways they can be described as a hybrid between webcam and email, as we will be texting in real time. As well as the geographical convenience, this mode offers working in real time and can be helpful for exploring lots of different issues. I offer this therapy using an easy to use encrypted provider to ensure privacy.

If you are wondering if this type of therapy is for you please read through the list of considerations and please feel free to ask any questions via the contact form.

I am considering Instant Messenger therapy

There are some considerations specific to this mode of therapy that require thinking about before deciding this is the best course for you. Pondering these issues will allow you to get the best out of your therapy, and ensure you feel safe whilst doing so.

  • You will need a computer or other device which has a keyboard facility and good internet connection.
  • The computer/device will need to be somewhere private and where you will not be disturbed for the duration of the session (60 minutes).
  • Be aware that it can sometimes feel like a little delay when waiting for a longer response, although I try to use providers that let you know when the other one is typing.
  • It will be helpful if you are familiar with this type of communicating and feel able to express yourself this way.

How webcam therapy will be likely to work with me.

After deciding you would like to try Instant Messenger therapy please contact me and we will start to look at what you would like and if I am the best person to offer you help at this time. This will involve filling in a form and providing a few details by secure encrypted email (or other medium if preferable). Whilst this can appear a bit impersonal it is really to ensure your safety and to give me an initial idea of what you would like help with. After this we will come to an agreement about what is being offered and some rules about how it will work – just so we both know what to expect. I have access to several secure internet communication providers and can discuss which one you would prefer to use. Some people find one session meets their needs and others require longer. I am happy to work for short periods or longer term, as agreed with you.

Setting things up often doesn’t take very long. We will make sure everything is working and set up a date and time to connect. Due to other work commitments I offer different time slots and hope that one of these suits your needs. Sessions are for either 30 or 60 minutes which can sometimes go very quickly, and I will make sure I keep an eye on time so we can end on as safe a note as possible. If you are feeling in crisis and need immediate help it may not be suitable. Please feel free to contact me to discuss your needs.

I currently charge £90 per 60 minute and £50 per 30 minute Instant Messenger session and I work with several encrypted providers.