Therapeutic Assessment

Assessment is a very important part of therapy and designed to ensure safety for both client and therapist.

As a counselling psychologist I would probably use a technique called formulation, which involves an all round look at what seems to be happening in order for us to decide how to move forward. One of the decisions that has to be made is whether I am the right person to work with you at this time as it is important I work within my training and experience. If not, I belong to a local network of private practitioners and would look to refer you to someone more appropriate.

Often, the assessment process itself can be therapeutic but it can also feel a little impersonal answering questions. My advice would be to bear with it and don’t be worried about asking questions along the way. We will hopefully be building a trusting, therapeutic relationship, working out what you would like from therapy and how to get there.

How long therapy might last will be an individual consideration which might change along the way. What would usually happen is we would agree a number of sessions then review this as we are going along. I have worked with short-term therapies and longer term treatments, so am happy to work with both.