Good supervision is crucial for client safety and supports therapists performing their often difficult work.

I offer a safe and respectful space to reflect on practice issues, and work with a pluralistic model aimed at tailoring supervision to your requirements. There are many dilemmas that occur in this type of work and I see supervision as a mirror in a mirror, providing a safety-net for client and therapist. I offer experience in different settings and spent many years prior to that working in/with caring organisations, which has given me useful life experience.

In addition to qualifying as a counselling psychologist I invested in further supervision training of different styles, which may be useful in matching to your needs as a therapist. My core working models are; Person-centred, Psychodynamic, CBT and Compassion Focused Therapy. I am also familiar with and use aspects of other therapies (systemic, gestalt etc.). Many therapists are drawn to take their work online and my experience of working as a therapist/supervisor/ trainer in different online contexts may also be useful, as this type of work can add different dilemmas to consider when working ethically and effectively online.


My fees are

I offer an affordable fee in order to support therapists/ psychologists in this field.

£75 per hour by webcam or telephone

Feel free to contact me if you would like to discuss working together.

If we go ahead I would expect for us to set up a formal agreement and going forward you will find me flexible in fitting with the ebb and flow of supervisory need. I look forward to hearing from you.

I abide by professional and ethical supervision practice guidelines provided by the BPS and BACP. Please see what they say about supervision below –

‘Supervision is a cornerstone of Counselling Psychology training and practice and a requirement of every practitioner, however senior, throughout their working life. Counselling Psychologists conceptualise supervision as a valued and protected time, and a relationship within which the practitioner may review more objectively their own work with the help of another professional for the purpose of upholding good practice, professional development and personal support’. (BPS Counselling Psychology professional guidelines, 2005).

‘Supervision is a specialised form of professional mentoring provided for practitioners responsible for undertaking challenging work with their clients. Supervision is provided to: ensure standards; enhance quality and creativity; and enable the sustainability and resilience of the work being undertaken’. (BACP, 2015b).

‘Several models of supervision (see Beinhart, 2012 for a review), identify supervision tasks and functions such as: education; support; quality assurance/monitoring; conceptualisation/formulation and consultation. These occur in the broader service/team 4 Division of Clinical Psychology context and models including Hawkins and Shohet (2012) and Holloway (1995) stress the importance of the broader context. Current theory and research also emphasis the centrality of the supervisory relationship to effective supervision, e.g. Beinart (2012) and Watkins (2013). ‘ (Clinical Psychology clinical supervision guidelines, 2014).