PSYCHOLOGICAL RESILIENCE = An individuals ability to successfully cope with adversity and stress

If you have ever wondered why we struggle with issues like anxiety, stress and depression and whether there is anything we can do to help ourselves then this workshop is for you.

Experienced yoga teacher Caroline Carty and I bring our extensive training and experience to shine a light on these important issues. We share an understanding of how our evolution as human beings may have left us badly set up to deal with the stresses of modern life. More importantly how can we empower ourselves to cope better.

The workshop combines educational insight with a taster of well researched yoga techniques to help counteract some of the difficulties we encounter as human beings. We cover the why and how techniques such as; mindful breathing, relaxation and good posture are likely to support our mental health.

This is a unique opportunity to have access to two experienced professionals from different fields, gain an understanding of mental health issues and experience some of the techniques that can help.

The Workshop is being run at The Ridgewood Centre, Yate BS37 4AF (which has free parking and a cafe on site) and costs £40.

Please feel free to contact me for booking information or with any questions.