If you’ve ever been the other end of an online communication that you felt was inconsiderate, rude, or downright abusive and were not sure how or whether to respond, read on…

I’d like to invite you to consider joining the Netiquette Revolution. Instead of automatically joining in with someone else’s bad online etiquette (Netiquette) I’m suggesting an alternative.  You could do something positive to challenge the behaviour.   Press the Pause button to view a set of guidelines, compassionately written and offered as a way of helping us live together respectfully and as decent human beings – feel free to share the link.


Press the Pause button  HERE 

and join the Netiquette Revolution


The world of online communication has perhaps developed too quickly for us to reflect fully on the behaviours that seem to accompany it.  It could be that there is a lot more happening at an unconscious level than we realise. Whilst we have all been drawn naturally into this world, as a psychologist I have become ever more fascinated by, and sometimes deeply concerned about its impact on our interpersonal behaviour.

I propose that there is a need for a compassionate revolution.  This is an idea which grew out of personal encounters with online communications to which I struggled to respond. I became increasingly curious about what might lie behind them and researched into the area. I was also inspired by others who have written books into different aspects such as Jon Ronson’s ‘So, you’ve been Publicly Shamed’ and Danny Wallace’s ‘I can’t believe you just said that’.

I encourage you to join the revolution and spread the word far and wide. Press the Pause Button and Remember: we are all human beings who can support each other in remembering that there is always a compassionate and human way to communicate, regardless of the medium we use.

©2017 Dr Carole Francis-Smith