Digital Policy

What is your digital policy?

My digital policy covers the way I operate online and where you might see me. It includes information on how I use the digital space in order to; issue invoices, keep notes, use email, text messages, use webcams for therapy, training and social media. 

We are living in an ever moving digital age and it is important to acknowledge that this can create some difficulties when trying to maintain important therapeutic boundaries. Many therapists have an online presence and/or get involved in social networking and I would like to be clear about where I am likely to be found, and how I might interact.

I hold my ethical and professional responsibilities very tightly, and am committed to keeping to the rules of confidentiality. If we work together I provide a contract where this is clearly stated and I will never refer to clinical material in any media activities I might be involved in.

I offer clarity below on different aspects of any digital activities or presence I might have. I will endeavour to keep this up to date.


Software programs

I use several software programs for note taking, therapy assessment/ intake, accounting, webcam provider and occasionally generating invoices. These softwares comply with the highest GDPR requirements and I can supply details as required.


Email use

My works email address and communication via the contact form on my website do not provide encryption, and may be vulnerable to viruses or human error. For this reason it is advisable to be thoughtful about what you might include in an email to me and perhaps use it for non-confidential communications such as setting up appointments. I advise it is safer to keep confidential information in the consulting room. I aim to get back to you as soon as possible within working hours.

I have access to an encrypted email provider called Protonmail that has a higher level of security and details are provided on my website. If not already using It wee can switch to this method if there is anything more sensitive to discuss or relay.


Text messages

I use a business mobile phone and am happy for you to contact me by text in the first instance or to let me know at short notice that you are running late/cancelling a session etc. However the lack of content in a text can sometimes make it a bit prone to miscommunication and if you have something important to let me know please feel free to telephone or email. I am often not immediately available to respond but will do this at the earliest opportunity, within working hours.


Use of Webcam for therapy and training

I use a variety of encrypted and secure online platforms to conduct therapy or training via webcam and this may involve you downloading a small program or clicking on a link in an email. We will have discussed this beforehand and have made sure you are happy with any arrangements.


Social media

I use several social media sites personally and professionally and despite my online presence would prefer our relationship remain as much as possible in the consulting room (f2f and online). The Internet can feel very unboundaried and human beings can sometimes be drawn into revealing things in unsafe places that can make them feel vulnerable. I do not consider it would be appropriate to respond to social media friendship requests for the aforementioned reasons.

You may see me advertising and marketing trainings/ campaigns but be assured I maintain very tight confidentiality boundaries regarding all my client work.