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Offering bespoke training, workshops and presentation options to organisations and businesses.

Bespoke Trainings and Workshops

Having training and experience in a wide range of mental health issues means I am able to offer a bespoke service, tailored to your requirements. It could be that you are being asked to work with people who are struggling with mental health issues and unsure how best to approach this. Not feeling prepared can be anxiety-provoking, and training can help safely underpin this process. Further to this there is a need to attend to our own self care when working in the helping professions and in recent times we have all experienced a level of unprecedented stress which can lead to overwhelm and burnout.

I have researched and continue to work in the area of online communications, and have responded to the curiosity surrounding working in this way by offering bespoke workshop trainings, mentoring and coaching to professionals contemplating working online. I also run a campaign for positive online communications called The Netiquette Revolution which freely offers a set of psychologically and compassionately underpinned guidelines.

You won’t be surprised to hear my research specialism and experience in online relationships has been more in demand in recent days, and I have provided support to many organisations, charities, companies and individuals struggling with adapting to work safely and effectively online. Not least of this was a weekly webinar run in conjunction with colleague Kate Dunn and John Wilson with his team at Onlinevents that offered support and guidance to practitioners, and ran for 18 weeks as the 2020 Covid 19 pandemic struck.

I offer a flexible approach and collaborate with other professionals where appropriate. Previously well received trainings and workshops for the general public and professionals are in: Resilience and wellbeing (with yoga teacher Caroline Carty), Diversity (with Counselling Psychologist Amelia Rana), Working online Workshops, and Living and Working Online Workshops (one in conjunction with Maureen Cooper, author of The Stress Workbook).

In recent times I have become more concerned about some of the more hidden effects of Living our lives online and as well as offering the set of online etiquette (Netiquette) guidelines I provide content for an organisation called National Online Safety who provide courses and resources  for children and young people, their carers and schools. Here is are some examples of the free resources they provide that I have been involved in – 

CV of other works undertaken in the last few years…

  • Tutoring online for a counselling certificate
  • Consultancy and training for platforms looking to provide wellbeing support online
  • Providing a series of pre-recorded session on working effectively and safely online for a College
  • External examination of Doctoral thesis
  • Presentations and talks on various subjects

Discuss Training

I’m here to discuss your requirements. Feel free to get in touch, I look forward to hearing from you.

In 2019 my colleagues and I published a paper on an interesting experience we had whilst running a counselling group online entitled ‘When Encounter Becomes Electric’.

My 2014 doctoral research is entitled ‘Email counselling and the therapeutic relationship: A grounded theory analysis of therapists’ experiences’.


“Can highly recommend this training. Really informative & Practical. Carole’s delivery is warm & relaxed and allowed lots of time for questions.”

Working therapeutically online

“I appreciated both the structure and relaxed nature of the workshop and the opportunity to get involved in discussion.”

Working therapeutically online

“I would definitely recommend the session and hope there would be more. Would be useful in lots of different environments (schools, offices, workplace).”

Yoga & MH

“A helpful insight into the way the body and mind can influence each other, and how we can actively help ourselves reduce the impact of anxiety and depression on our daily lives.”

Yoga & MH

“Thought provoking workshop  that offered helpful wellbeing ideas I’d never thought of before”

Living & Working Online Workshops

“Really love the 3 P’s idea to help me understand and separate my work and home life. The netiquette guidelines will be helpful to me and the people I provide therapy for.”

Living & Working Online Workshops

How I Work

As a counselling psychologist you can be sure that I am working ethically and with the most up-to-date research and advice. Depending on your needs, I also have access to other mental health professionals who will work with me and/or who I can consult. I am mindful that talking about mental health issues can be difficult and you can be sure that this will be managed safely and with sensitivity. I am also very aware that everything occurs in its own unique context, which often includes an organisational setting, and that this can also require attention. The specialism I hold in online relationships has been in demand recently as I support those looking to work ethically and effectively online.

I currently offer; staff training, workshops, presentations, talks, consultancy and packages of training which I can adapt to meet your needs. Some of the issues that people can struggle to understand are; Loss, grief and bereavement, anxiety, depression, anger, personality disorders, learning difficulties, self-harm and suicidal ideation, for example. There are of course wide variations within these categories (and not all are classified as mental health disorders) but training will be tailored to meet the needs of the group. I work with other professionals as appropriate.

Prices are competitive and on a sliding scale depending on practicalities such as provision of training facilities, audience size, how many trainers will be required etc. I am happy to discuss your needs and provide a quote. Please feel free to contact me.