Diamondleaf Training is the training arm of my business. It offers a wide range of bespoke options to Individuals, organisations and companies,  who might be looking for training solutions and coaching.
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Training and Consultancy

Attitudes towards people struggling with mental health issues would seem to be improving through advertising campaigns but there is still a stigma that is often borne out of a lack of knowledge. Training can help address this gap which is likely to have a positive effect for sufferer and trainee. My personal view is that we are all human and any one of us can develop a mental health issue, so the more we understand about it the more compassionate we are likely to be to others and ourselves.

Having training and experience in a wide range of mental health issues means I am able to offer a bespoke training and consultancy service. It could be that you are being asked to work with people who are struggling with mental health issues and unsure how best to approach this. It can be anxiety provoking not feeling prepared and training or consultancy can help safely underpin this process.

I have also researched and work in the area of online communications and have responded to the curiosity surrounding working in this area by offering bespoke and workshop trainings, and business coaching to professionals contemplating working in the area. For a description of these and other areas of interest please follow the link.

Previous well received trainings, workshops and talks I have been involved in are: Pluralistic Therapy, Diversity, Working in Private Practice and Contemplating working therapeutically online (see below testimonials).


How I work

As a counselling psychologist you can be sure that I am working ethically and with the most up to date research and advice. Depending on your needs I also have access to other mental health professionals who will work with me and/or who I can consult. I am mindful that talking about mental health issues can be difficult and you can be sure that this will be managed safely and with sensitivity. I am also very aware that everything occurs in its own unique context, which often includes an organisational setting, and that this can also require attention.

I currently offer; staff training, workshops, presentations, talks, consultancy and packages of training which I can adapt to meet your needs. Some of the issues that people can struggle to understand are ; Loss, grief and bereavement, anxiety, depression, anger, personality disorders, learning difficulties, self-harm and suicidal ideation for example. There are of course wide variations within these categories (and not all are classified as mental health disorders) but training will be tailored to meet the needs of the group.

Prices are competitive and on a sliding scale depending on practicalities such as provision of training facilities, audience size, how many trainers will be required etc. I am happy to discuss your needs and provide a quote. Please feel free to contact me.

Ongoing training events

Myself and Psychotherapeutic counsellor Kate Dunn are hosting a series of four online talks via Online Events aimed at providing an up-to-date overview of the opportunities and challenges that exist for therapists working in a technological age in 2017, entitled “Behind the Screen”. The first of these events was on September 11th at 7pm where we  introduced the series. Please feel free to attend the interactive live events and bring your questions/ dilemmas  – Kate and I are keen to know what therapists are thinking about in these modern times.

Online events is a highly regarded resource that provides interesting live presentations and access to the library of interesting discussions – book your tickets  here                                                                                                                                              





Here is some anonymised feedback from recent workshops –

‘Can highly recommend this training. Really informative & Practical. Carole’s deliver is warm & relaxed and allowed lots of time for questions’

‘Valued this training as an introduction to issues’

‘Yes, would highly recommend’

‘This was a very well structured and coherently delivered CPD workshop. I learned a great deal and was pleased that some of the ways I have been working were validated by it.’

‘I found it to be particularly helpful to have some of the legal entities and acts described, along with our responsibilities under them. This is always a worry for me and it was reassuring to have this clarified.’

‘The helpful links to supportive organisations and resources both during the morning and in your correspondence afterwards has been valuable to me as a newcomer to the online world. It has provoked me to read and research topics I had otherwise not thought interesting or relevant. You helped open my eyes to the value of working both in an a synchronous way and live to accommodate the needs of our varying clients.’

‘I appreciated both the structure and relaxed nature of the workshop and the opportunity to get involved in discussion.’