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I am a fully qualified counselling psychologist with experience in working with a wide range of people of different ages, sex, sexuality, ethnicity and levels of learning difficulties. I have also helped individuals with a variety of differing issues (e.g. depression, anxiety, grief, end of life, OCD, problems with anger, childhood sexual abuse, self-confidence, trauma, life changes) and have learnt that everyone and every issue is unique. For this reason I work pluralistically, this is to say that I listen to and assess what is being asked for, and offer what I think would be useful. As a psychologist I am also able to offer up to date thinking on theory and research in mental health, as appropriate.

I would also add that life can sometimes be a struggle for us all and seeking help a first step to re-connecting with the world. I strongly believe that self-compassion is a life strength and can be developed from the bleakest of places – which is one of the reasons I further trained in Compassion Focused Therapy.

I offer therapy, supervision for other professionals and bespoke training as required. If you would like to know more about my training, qualifications, and organisational affiliations  please follow the link.